Interview with and for Asia Orlando´s Youtube Channel

In the Interview we talk about how it actually is to work as a freelance illustrator, pricing your work or your illustrations, and dealing with clients. Also we talked about the challenges we face working freelance and having your own illustration business. We gave some advice for people starting with their illustration career as well. We had a lot of fun doing this and we hope you enjoy it.

Almost a year ago I asked Asia to join in as a host for Urban-Jungle-Week. It was my first Illustration challenge organized and imagined by myself. Eventually Asia and I got along so well that she helped me a lot making this week happening and it was a huge success! ( Thanks so much Asia <3)

So when she asked me to be in one of her youtube videos for an interview I was more than excited! At this point I had barely shown my face to my audience nor had I ever got filmed before and I´m not even talking about language insecurities ( classic german – if I can´t do it perfectly I´m rather not doing it at all haha) but what I knew was that I wanted to go and visit her in Amsterdam!

Meeting Asia Orlando was definitely one of my highlights in 2019. She not only does beautiful digital illustrations but is also a wonderful person inside and out!

Make sure to follow her journey – I promise you it´s absolutely worth it!

Asia Orlando – Website
Asia Orlando – Instagram
Asia Orlando – Youtube Channel
Asia Orlando – Linkedin

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Cover for Origin Magazin

so proud to have my first Cover all over the U.S in Stores such as Barnes & Nobles, Whole Foods, Sprouts and many more!

Origin is a collective source for Creative Women, Makers, Home Design, Entrepreneurs, Boutique Travel, and Plant Foodies. We emphasize art for a positive social change focusing on color, inspiration, and vibrant living.

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