Our Planet week 2020

Our Planet week took place from 3rd to 7th of February 2020 and was an outstanding event! We were completely overwhelmed by all the submissions and are absolutely happy to see that we could reach thousands of artists to create with us to draw the change and raise awareness.
Thank you so much everyone for participating!!!

Furthermore we had the chance to be supported by OneTreePlanted and plant one tree for each tag within artists posts. OneTreePlanted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an environmental charity, they are on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! With their help and everyone who tagged them there will be 1568 mangrove trees planted in India this year! We are very proud about this achievement and it´s great to see something positive happening because of the challenge within this year! Thank you, OneTreePlanted!

Below you can find my artworks I created especially for this week + I also added my thoughts I had while working on them for each prompt:

  1. Flora & Fauna – for this prompt I created a glass dome to protect all animals – especially endangered species. I wanted to make sure to show that I did not mean to have them trapped in a cage and decided to let the giraffe and a couple of birds come out to breathe. All in one the glass dome is meant to be a protection zone without any hint of trapping animals!
  2. Unite – when I started to think of anything I could do for the prompt „unite“ I instantly thought about „unite & grow together“ because I think that as a group we are stronger and can reach many goals more easily! I wanted to show the beauty of unity with a big and lush flower bouquet which comes in all colors and shapes!
  3. Harmony – for the prompt I created a science-fiction idea I had a long time ago. My robot is in awe with a butterfly which just landed on the robot´s hand. I wanted to display the idea of having a future where progress of technology is still able to live in harmony with nature as we know it! Maybe even better than we can do right now!
  4. Mother Earth – in this illustration I wanted to display wisdom, the universe, nature and our earth. Personally I think it is one of my weaker compositions but still I managed to give the illustration some kind of statement especially through her concerned but knowing expression.
  5. Future – for future I created a beautiful botanical garden which is only to be entered when people follow certain rules which have been shown on a sign in front of the entry. I think the idea is pretty much straight forward and everyone can understand right away.

Conclusion: With this challenge I definitely left my comfort zone. Creating along with other ( btw. amazing) artists made me feel empowered to create pieces I otherwise would not have done and I was able to put more meaning in my work which was one of my goals for 2020. I´m also very happy to see so many people care about our planet and I hope we were able to spread the message even further together!

Make sure to check out the Our Planet week Homepage for more information!


After a few devastating events that took place during 2019, among them the Amazons or the fires in Australia the idea of this illustration challenge/project was born. The concept is to use what we do best to create environmental awareness and start a movement that resonates each year.

And maybe reach more and more people to drive change. We are also planning on publishing a book, we tell you all about it below


Art is a powerful medium and with the correct message we can help not only to spread love but also to gather a community of like-minded artists & creatives with a common goal.

2020 HOSTS



We created 5 prompts for the challenge which helped and motivated us to #letsdrawthechange. The theme was all about we can do to help Our Planet and all its Beauty we want to preserve. The artwork should be inspiring and with any message the artists wanted to share and help spread awareness in a positive and constructive way. 

We used the hashtags #ourplanetweek , #letsdrawthechange
and tag in the image @ourplanetweek Instagram account
to get everyones work to be seen and potentially be featured, also it helped the artists to connect with each other and spread further the message.


We selected 100 illustrations after the challenge. We are reaching out to 100 artists whose artwork created for the challenge we like the most to donate their art for the book.

We will also look for environmental friendly print houses to helps us.

All the profits from the ”Our Planet Week” books sales will be donated to different causes we will be announcing!